Monday, April 11, 2011

Captain Seawolf art trade

I recently did an art trade with Captain Seawolf on Deviant Art. I normally am not a huge fan of the site, but I was looking around and came across an art trade that looked interesting. So I offered to join in on round one. I felt this was a good time to work on my process a bit. When dealing with someone else's idea, you have to be careful. In this case, the character was already thought out in someone's head. They knew their personality, background, and what they ate for breakfast. So how do you internalize someone else's character, and interpret it in your own way? The only way I know how is with lots of drawing.



Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guess who just finished a term paper?
These are older drawings, but I felt since I hadn't posted anything in the last two months the blog deserved some lovin'.
I'm starting on a few projects so you should see more.

About time!

So 3 major deadlines have come and gone. Now I can focus on other finishing my character rig and drawing like a mad woman. Sweet! I got asked to do some stuff for a mobile space center this week, so I'm going to be drawing a ton of aliens! I get to depart from my usual style which should loosen me up greatly, but also drive me nuts. Trying to draw in a way that you are not used to can be like watching a retarded bear in the circus for a while.
Anyway, I finished up a figure structure course last semester. I finally got everything digitally compiled for portfolio and so I thought I'd post it.